Lawn Sprinkler Winterization

The purpose of winterizing your lawn irrigation system is to prevent possible freeze damage and to keep the integrity of the system intact. Even though we refer to the service a "winterizing" this does not mean that you wait until "winter" to schedule the service. The service should be scheduled no later then the second week of October. It is not uncommon to have freezing temperatures in October. Some clients wait until November or even December to schedule the winterization or as some may refer to it as fall blow out service. When I would ask them for their reason for waiting they would always say that they still have to water. I would like to take a moment to clarify any concerns for the need to continue watering into October or November: Historically our area only needs .15 of an inch per a week of irrigation in October, when you compare that to July (1.25 inches per a week) you will realize that there is not a need to continue to irrigate into the Month of October, unless there are abnormal circumtances. The first thing that could have possible damage if a system is not purged would be any above ground piping which usually includes the backflow preventer. If the system has been purged and you notice damage to the backflow preventer there is a good chance that your irrigation valve in the basement may be defective and not shutting off 100%.

Unlike some irrigation repairs this type of service should be left to the professionals with the proper equipment. We start in October and stop when the last customer calls. Our prices go up each Month so the earlier you schedule the better. Due to so many variable involved with all the different systems service there is NO Implied or Expressed Warranty or Guarantee with our Winterization service. We are able to provide this service without the property owner present if the following is provided by the property owner.

  1. Irrigation Water (not the valve that turns the house water off, not the valve for the sprinkler on the outside of the house and not the irrigation timer) is tuned OFF inside the home. This valve should remain in the OFF position until the following summer.
  2. Property owner notifies R.I. how many electronic control valves (zones) are present on the property.
  3. If R.I. service techs have access to either the timer or ALL manifold boxes are clearly marked on property and are easily visible for service techs at the time of the service.

Or call us:

Toll Free: 800.435.4979
Columbus: 614.504.2039
Cleveland: 440.399.9417

If we have to return to the property to complete the service as a result of customer error there will be an additional service charge fee. If we do not service the system on a scheduled date due to a R.I. error there will be a credit applied to the service.