Warranty / Company Policy

New Irrigation Installation Warranty

Three Year Warranty on defective products only, damaged products or products deemed misused or neglected are not covered. Warranty is VOID if there are any late payments or if we do not winterize the system or if another person or company besides R.I. services the system. It is the owner�s responsibility to schedule the winterization of the irrigation system. After installation is complete please notify us within 48hrs (2 days) if we need to straighten, raise, move or adjust any sprinkler heads. After the 48hrs (2 days) these services will be considered a non-warranty service call. New systems come with a 3yr Warranty on defective parts. The first year includes Parts & Labor; the remaining years include parts only. Any type of noise related to interior plumbing heard inside of home when the sprinkler system is running can be addressed at a reduced labor & material rate. Owner is responsible for marking all property lines prior to installation, dog fence, drain pipes, electric/gas lamps, flowerbeds, har scapes, deck, out buildings or anything else planned for the yard in the present or in the future. All materials associated with system are property of R.I. (Reserve Irrigation Inc.) until payment is made in full. Any cost associated with recovery of payment will be added to the unpaid portion.

Service Warranty

Warranty Service calls will not be dispatched until 90% of invoice amount is paid for item/service in question. Anything that is damaged (including removal of set screws/nozzles on rotors) is not a Warranty item. Other items that qualify as Non-Warranty include: Reprogramming timers, adjusting heads after system has been in use, raising/lowering or moving heads and low head drainage.

Company Policy

Servicing Existing Systems

When servicing an existing system we are not responsible for any damage to old parts/components that not brand new or anything that is not visible at time of work

Service Calls

It is company policy to bill a customer that has scheduled a service call if we make a trip to the property unless it is an item clearly covered under our Company Warranty regarding New Installation or Service Warranty. If the customer is not home then there is a charge for the service call. Once we arrive at the property for a service appointment we are timed in on the service call and will time out when we leave the property.


All service calls are billed in the following manner: Service Call fee + time at property + any materials / machines / tracking devices used. Payment is due at time of service. Any payments received later then 10 working days after customer received service invoice will be considered late and the customer will be responsible for any fees associated with late payment and/or collection of payment. Any late payments will also VOID any warranty associated with service or installation. We accept cash or check as payment from customers in good standing, we only accept cash payments from customers not in good standing. There is a fee of $35 for NSF checks plus any bank fee. Late fees: $35 administration fee plus a 2% monthly fee. The administration fee will be added every time a invoice is mailed after the 10 day billing cycle.

Current Service Pricing Sheet (updated 2/10/09)