2009 Spring Lawn Sprinkler/Irrigation Start-up Service

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Winters can be hard on your lawn sprinkler system. It is important to have your Spring Start-up service professionally done to ensure proper operation for the year.

Having your automatic lawn sprinkler system operating properly in the beginning of the season is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape.

The main objective of doing a Spring Start-up is to make sure your lawn irrigation system is functioning properly.

Our Spring Start-up service inspects for all the issues winter leaves behind. As well, from year to year your landscape changes, shrubs and trees grow and sometimes landscapes are redesigned and changed. At the Spring Start-up, we review the design of your current irrigation system in order to recommend changes or enhancements that will ensure your irrigation system will meet the needs of your lawn and plants in the most water efficient manner. From a simple head replacement, to the addition of entire zone, our technicians will work with you to maximize turf and plant coverage.

Reserve Irrigation employs Professional Service Technicians that are capable of repairing and servicing any brand lawn sprinkler system that you may have. Our professional Service Technicians are experienced in irrigation Troubleshooting. They will listen to all of your concerns, needs and questions. And they will offer you their expert opinion on how to resolve any issues you may have.

With your authorization, we will repair all the necessary items to make your automatic lawn sprinkler system work efficiently.

At the end of the appointment you will receive an itemized invoice, and all recommendations pertaining to your individual automatic lawn sprinkler system. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

As a valued client, you will can be placed on our mailing list so we can remind your of our Spring Start-up service and our fall winterization service.

Systems should be started up every year between April 14th and June depending on weather. Once the service is complete the controller may be left in the OFF position depending on current weather conditions at the time of service. Spring Start-up service may be billed in our traditional (service call fee + time on site + parts) or based on a flat fee for a specific amount of time on site (plus repairs) depending on advertised promotions. Fuel surcharge will apply if diesel is more then $3.50 a gallon.

Actual inspection service will depend on property owners instructions.

We recommend our 17pt Spring Inspection:

Minor repairs will be done at this time and larger repairs will be scheduled upon customer approval. All repairs are on a "Time + Material" basis and are up and above the price of the Spring Start-up service.

When possible it is beneficial to have the property owner present at the time of service. This will ensure customer satisfaction and reduced the chance of additional service calls.