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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reduce your water bill

Do you have a water bill for your irrigation system that exceeds $600 or more for the summer?

Email me: info@rilawnsprinklers.com

Put in the subject line: Help Me Save Water

Send me the following information
  • # of zones (include turf/bed notation for each zone) picture for each zone would be great
  • include your irrigation program (run time and days for each zone)
  • include any notes on the system you are concerned about
  • Your programming habits (do you program the timer in the spring and let it go until the fall or do you change the program throughout the summer)
  • Do you have any rain sensors or weather sensors, if so what are they set at
  • Include your irrigation controller make and model
  • On your irrigation program that you send to me include if each zone is: full sun, shade, slope, naturally holds water, naturally drys fast. This will tell me about different hydra zones in your yard.

This service is free for anyone, not just our customers. So if you are serious about reducing your water bills and saving water then send your information in for a free review.

I will review everything and try to help you reduce your water consumption for the irrigation system by 30% or more next year. Saving water is the goal.

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