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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Promoting Efficient Use of Water: July declared Smart Irrigation Month

Most homeowners in the US tend to sprinkle too much water in their lawn or waste this precious resource through inefficiency. Adopting conservatory habits is essential not just for your personal satisfaction, but also for retaining the water table in your region/locality. In addition, the judicious use of water meant for irrigation is necessary to maintain every community's water supply.

With growing demands resulting in water shortages everywhere, it's important to focus on buying water-saving products, encouraging efficient practices of irrigation and spreading awareness about the need for conservation.

Keeping this in mind, the Irrigation Association has named July Smart Irrigation Month to promote effective water management practices, technologically-superior irrigation products, and judicious use of water resources. Smart Irrigation Month is a well-thought out effort to promote water-saving products and practices. Regardless of which field of irrigation you are placed in - agriculture, landscape or golf course irrigation and your position in the irrigating industry (manufacturer, dealer, contractor or grower), you can participate in Smart Irrigation Month. Conservationists, the environmentally conscious and the general public can take part in the activities and events organized.

Through this initiative, you can learn many tips and techniques for utilizing water efficiently.
Automatic sprinklers for example, provide you control in the maintaining your landscape investment. Irrigation systems enable you to enjoy your yard, while at the same time saving water. While undertaking outdoor irrigation, it is important to use only the required amount of water and only when necessary. By following the smart practices the Smart Education Month aims to teach you about, you can learn to operate your system at peak efficiency. The advice on use of new technology, it offers is also bound to beneficial for those looking to reduce their water bill.

In conclusion, Smart Irrigation Month is an ideal way for the industry to get together and promote innovative water conservation techniques. It will also serve as an excellent method to create awareness about the importance of irrigation and the kind of work involved in this basic agricultural practice. Most significantly, it will serve as the breeding ground for new-age water saving practices, giving people a platform to express their unique ideas for conservation.



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