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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bed Irrigation

Bed irrigation:

There as many different types of bed irrigation as there are different types of restaurants to choose from. So I will go over the basics.

Bed/Garden irrigation with sprays can be an answer to those that like low maintenance and have bed material with similar watering requirements, since you will get an even distribution of water.

Irrigating your bed or garden with drip irrigation can be a great solution when you have plant materials with different water requirements. The downside is they tend to be higher maintenance.

An effective way to water a larger bed would be to use either MP Rotator nozzles or Shrub Rotors. Within each of the three ways to water a bed or garden there are many options such as different heights and nozzles of spray heads. And numerous types of drip irrigation from in line drip, misting to systems designed for hanging baskets, your options for drip are numerous and can be customized to fit your requirements of your garden. My best advice for someone that is constructing a new bed, garden or landscape would be to sit down with a professional and go over the different options to see what would best suite your needs now and down the road. Beware the most common mistake made when someone does have bed/garden irrigation is they over water. Typically flowerbeds require about half the amount of water as grass.



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