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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wet spots around sprinkler heads

Ok, this time of the year we are getting a lot of calls for wet areas around sprinkler heads. There are a few different causes.

1. Low head drainage: The laws of gravity will prevail. If you yard is slopped the water will drain out of each zone when the system is ran. There are heads with checkvalves built into them but this will not always solve the problem.
Advice: Install checkvalves in hopes of holding the water in the lines, maybe have a checkvalve installed inline along with the heads in more severe cases.

2. Broken head or fitting: The water will only leak during while the zone is running but this can cause a saturation point if the leak is great enough.
Advice: Troubleshoot where the leaks is and repair.

3. Weeping Valve: This would be a constant leak. Unlike low head drainage that would come to a stop within an hour or two, a weeping valve will leak 24/7 until the valve is repaired. You can look at our leak indicator on your water meter to see if you have a weeping valve. Read our irrigation troubleshooting guide to find out more.
Advice: clean and flush valve, if this does not work then replace with new valve.

All three are rather common, especially as the systems start to age.

Any questions? email Bob at info@rilawnsprinklers.com


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