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Friday, May 8, 2009

Irrigation Advice 101: Seasonal Adjust Button on Irrigation Controller

So you want to reduce your water bills?

Or better yet, you want to conserve a natural resource?

OK, I have a simple solution if you are willing to take a minute to learn about a feature found on some of the newer controllers that are rich with features.

If you own a Hunter PRO-C or Hunter ICC controller your season adjust button
Will be the up/down arrow you see in the upper left corner of the controller.

If you own a Rain Bird controller, look to see if the feature is listed on the dial of the timer.

What is the Seaonal adjust button and how does it work?

The Seasonal adjust button changes the run times that are programed for your individual zones by a % accross the board. For example on the Hunter controllers if zone #1 is programmed for 10 minutes at a 100% seasonal value and zone #2 is programmed at 20 minutes. If you increase your seasonal adjustment to 150% it will raise your run times of each zone by 50% so zone #1 will run for 15 minutes instead of 10 and zone #2 will run for 30 minutes instead of 20.

What I recommend is to have your system programed at 100% for 80 degree weather and adjust up and down from there based on your current conditions.

The benefit to using this feature is our watering requirements change and if you leave a generic flat line program in your controller you are most likely over watering in the Spring and Fall and under watering when it counts the most in the middle of the summer.

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