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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to Everyone

Happy Easter, I hope everyone and their families are doing well. At least today should be decent outside. We rescheduled all of our irrigation spring start up appointments from last week. The 10-day forecast looks safe for both the Columbus and Cleveland markets. Our service package special is over, now we are offering a reduced service call fee for a very limited time, please email me for more information: info@rilawnsprinklers.com

Anyone that is looking to reduce their water bills this year, Hunter came out with a great product (Hunter Solar Sync) at a good price point. Only Catch: It only works with the Hunter PRO-C & Hunter ICC timers. Price: $129 + tax & installation.

A lot of people have been asking how much are spring start up service cost. Since we have installed systems between $2000 & $280,000 there is no one price fits all. Our limited time price reduction starts at $51.50, this is good up to 30 minutes on site. After that our labor rate of $62.50 takes over plus any parts or machines needed.

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