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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Irrigation Watering

Automatic Lawn Sprinklers (Irrigation) is a great way to supplement mother nature. But with water becoming more and more precious we are going to have to start becoming water smart as consumers. I am going to go over a few basic concepts in irrigation which will better help you reduce your water consumption as related to irrigation. First of all it is rarely if ever appropriate to water different stations (zones) for the same duration. There are numerous reasons for this, including sun vs. shade, soil types, slopes, sprays vs. rotors & wind. Another mistake I see is when systems are running during the day time. Unless you just put fertilizer down there is no need for this. You are just wasting water and money, since the sunlight and heat is going to evaporate the water at a much higher rate then if you water properly in the morning. Check next months article as we go more in depth on water conservation. Please submit any questions to Bob: info@rilawnsprinklers.com

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